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The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez: What Happened to all Gabriel Fernandez siblings?

The news of a Boy that was killed in 2013 by his mother and his boyfriend raised concerns and hot debates about what followed after the trials. We all know that Gabriel Fernandez’s mother and Boyfriend were sentenced but there are limited details about who are Gabriel Fernandez Siblings, How many Siblings did Gabriel Fernandez Have and where they are currently.

After the release of The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez, a True American Crime documentary series on Netflix, some of these questions are clearly answered. Here is all we know about Gabriel Fernandez siblings and their whereabouts after the documentary.

Who are Gabriel Fernandez Siblings?

Gabriel Fernandez was the youngest in a Family of three. He had an elder sister and Brother who all testified in his murder case. His siblings, Virginia Fernandez and Ezequiel Fernandez witnessed the torture this boy underwent and his murder. Virginia claims that she was forced to clean his brother’s blood. Ezequiel also feared that the same details would happen to him.

At the time of trials, Ezequiel Fernandez was 16 years old while his sister, Virginia Fernandez was 14 years old. This is the reason why the court didn’t allow them to be filmed during the trials. In the documentary, Ezequiel and Virginia Fernandez asked for full anonymity during the recordings. This is actually the reason why their faces were blurred.

What happened to Virginia Fernandez and Ezequiel Fernandez?

At the time of trials, these two siblings were teenagers which would raise the question of who took custody over them and where they are right now. In the documentary, few details were revealed about their whereabouts. As a matter of fact, it was only revealed that the two of them are living with a very supportive family member. They claimed that they are living in a safe harbor taking time to recover.

The psychologist claims that the two siblings needs enough time to recover from what they witnessed. He claimed that this might take long but he’s sure the details would eventually fade from their minds.

According to the details in the Documentary, Virginia and Ezequiel Fernandez choose to live their lives in private. This is both understandable and respected throughout the recording. This is actually what makes it hard to clearly point out the state, and home address of where they are currently. Currently, we all know that they are living with a supportive family member. We also know that besides the fact that the two were not physically abused, they experienced some mental tremors that would take long for full recovery.

Where is Gabriel Fernandez Father?

Before closing this brief, we would like to share some few details about Gabriel Fernandez Father. Arnold Contreras was behind bars when his younger son was being beaten and killed by his ex-wife and her current boyfriend. He only learned about the situation when his boy was being taken off the life support. According to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations, Contreras is still behind bars in California State Prison after he was convicted on two different charges.

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